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The Town of Claresholm has built up the necessary infrastructure to service the community today and well into the future. This infrastructure includes state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, a wastewater management system that is currently being expanded, a municipal cemetery, parks and recreation facilities, and waste management services. Bylaws ensure the proper management of the community and are enforced by our Municipal Enforcement Officer.   

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Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Municipal Enforcement Program

Since February 1, 2021, the Town of Claresholm has employed a Municipal Enforcement Officer. At that time, the Town transitioned from a Community Peace Officer program to a Municipal Enforcement Officer program. The Town chose this path in order to focus on bylaw issues within our community and to reduce costs associated with the Peace Officer program. Peace Officers go through a rigorous and extensive training program whereas Bylaw Officers require less training. Moreover, operational expenses (ex. equipment and technology) are higher for Peace Officers than Bylaw Officers.  

The biggest difference between a Bylaw Enforcement Officer and a Peace Officer are the powers they have to enforce municipal bylaws and provincial statutes. 

The powers and duties of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer are as follows:
a) To enforce bylaws within the Town;
b) To respond to and investigate complaints;
c) To conduct routine patrols;
d) To issue and service notices, tickets/tags, and lay information as required;
e) To assist in the prosecution of bylaw contraventions including gathering evidence, assisting witnesses, and attending court to provide evidence as required.

In addition to holding the above powers and duties, Peace Officers receive authority from Alberta’s Department of Justice and Solicitor General to enforce provincial statutes, including the Traffic Safety Act, Gaming and Liquor Act and the Cannabis Act. Bylaw Officers do not have appointments from the province, and thus cannot enforce these statutes.  For example, the Town’s Bylaw Officer cannot issue moving traffic violations such as speeding tickets. 

If you have any questions regarding municipal enforcement in Claresholm, please contact the Town’s Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 403-625-3381. 

If you would like to make a complaint please ensure that you consult the Public Complaint Assistance and Information Package to fill out the appropriate municipal complaint form. Also included is an outline of the enforcement process and specific instructions for complaints regarding barking dogs. The completion (and signing) of the proper form will ensure that the Bylaw Officer has all the information required to investigate the matter. 

Alternatively, you can submit your complaint online via the submission form found here. The department cannot guarantee that complaints received by other means (verbally, by telephone, e-mail, etc.) will be promptly addressed. For any inquiries or assistance regarding Municipal Bylaws, please contact the Bylaw Officer by e-mail or telephone 403.625.3381.

Municipal enforcement duties within the Town of Claresholm are the responsibility of the Bylaw Officer, who works in conjunction with the Claresholm RCMP Detachment to ensure the safety of our citizens and their property. Our Bylaw Officer enforces all Town Bylaws, including the following;

Our Bylaw Officer also enforces selected provincial legislation, including;

Claresholm Animal Rescue Society (CAReS) works in conjunction with the Bylaw Officer for the protection of animals. Please visit their website here. Falon Wagner did a video for Shaw TV Lethbridge about CAReS and the animal shelter. Please see it here.