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The Town of Claresholm has built up the necessary infrastructure to service the community today and well into the future. This infrastructure includes state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, a wastewater management system that is currently being expanded, a municipal cemetery, parks and recreation facilities, and waste management services. Bylaws ensure the proper management of the community and are enforced by our Municipal Enforcement Officer.   

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**February 9, 2024 - Styrofoam is NOT recyclable. When you place styrofoam with your recycling, it contaminates the entire load. Place all styrofoam with your garbage and not in recycling.**

Update December 22, 2023 - Most wrapping paper is recyclable.  From E360, our recycling contractor:
"Some, if not most, wrapping paper and tissue paper can be recycled. Wrapping paper or gift wrap (glossy or matte) can be recycled with a few exceptions. Foil wrapping paper, wax-coated paper or metallic paper cannot be recycled and ought to be disposed of as waste. Ribbons, bows, and tape should be reused wherever possible but also belong in waste and not recycling."

Residential Recycling: The Town of Claresholm has a curbside pickup recycling program for select recyclables.

Returnable Items: All beverage containers must be taken to a private bottle depot for deposit refund. One can be found here.

Electronic Waste: Televisions, computer equipment, and similar electronics can be recycled for free at the Willow Creek Regional Landfill. Contact the landfill at 403.687.2603 or find them here.

Garden Waste: The Town of Claresholm has an organic recycling depot on Division Avenue (NE corner of town). Claresholm residents can drop off lawn clippings, leaves, and branches less than 2” in diameter. After adding your refuse to the appropriate section, please place any used plastic bags in the garbage containers provided. The compost area has lots of wood chips and compost available to anyone at no charge.

Note: Branches are made into wood chips as much as possible. Some items are not suitable to be made into a usable material; the Town will burn these off every few months, as weather permits.

Cost: Utility costs can be found by clicking here.

In November 2019, the Town of Claresholm expanded the recycling program to include more items and operate a true-blue bin program. Recycling is picked up bi-weekly per a set schedule. Please see below for the 2024 schedule.

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