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The Town of Claresholm has built up the necessary infrastructure to service the community today and well into the future. This infrastructure includes state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, a wastewater management system that is currently being expanded, a municipal cemetery, parks and recreation facilities, and waste management services. Bylaws ensure the proper management of the community and are enforced by our Community Peace Officer.   

Water & Sewer


The Town of Claresholm provides consumers with a continuous, safe supply of potable water which meets public health standards, is aesthetically acceptable, adequate in volume and pressure, and operated in a cost-effective manner with the latest technological developments. This service is extended to the Town of Granum through a treated water line completed in 2009 and to a few users within the MD of Willow Creek that were supplied by the old west plant that continue to be supplied potable water. The water system is operated as a self-supported public utility as defined in the Municipal Government Act.

Source: Since October 2009, Claresholm receives its water supply from the Pine Coulee Reservoir located approximately six (6) kilometres west of the Town of Stavely. In compliance with Alberta’s Water Act and other provincial regulations, the Town is licensed to divert water from Pine Coulee to operate the Claresholm Regional Water Treatment Plant. Water from Pine Coulee is gravity fed to an onsite raw water reservoir to the south of the plant, then water is drawn from this reservoir and treated as required.

Capacity: The capacity of the water plant is 8,840,000 litres per day. The Town of Claresholm can divert 1,301,235 cubic metres of water annually from Pine Coulee at the maximum diversion rate of 0.08 cubic metres per second.

Testing: The quality of water produced in Claresholm is excellent with new state of the art technology. Water is continuously sampled and tested to ensure it meets the standards set out by the local health authority.

Cost: Utility costs can be found in the Cost of Living section.

Sanitary Sewer System

Claresholm is serviced by a 140 acre lagoon system. The total length of sanitary sewer pipe is 42.8 km.

Cost: Utility costs can be found in the Cost of Living section.


The town also operates a separate storm sewer system that helps prevent flooding by diverting rain and snow melt into the nearest water course. The total network of underground pipes is 11.49 km. Surface water enters the storm sewer system through curb-side storm drains and flows by gravity to various water channels located throughout the town, such as Frog Creek. Located at The Bridges Golf Course are standing water retention pools where water diverted from Frog Creek is stored and then used to irrigate the golf course.