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Claresholm is a hub of health and wellness for all ages. We have the Claresholm Medical Centre and a General Hospital. For seniors, we have a Drop-In Centre, a number of assisted living senior homes, as well as the Willow Creek Continuing Care Centre. There are special treatment facilities for mental health and addictions, and our FCSS is always there to help local residents with their needs. A variety of local businesses also promote wellness through fitness centres, workout programs, personal trainers, and retail products and support to complement your healthy lifestyle!

Find private businesses that support health and wellness, including chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists, and more in the Business Directory.

For those seeking information on our Parks & Recreation offerings, you can find them in our Get Active section.

Hospitals & Clinics

The Claresholm General Hospital (24-hour emergency) was opened in 1972 and today is an active treatment facility with 16 beds.
Address: 221 43 Ave W
Phone: 403.682.3700

The Claresholm Medical Clinic is located west of the General Hospital and houses the offices of our local doctors.
Address: 4215 3 Street West 
Phone: 403.625.4484

The Claresholm Addiction and Mental Health Clinic for outpatient services. 
Address: 4901-A1 2 Street West 
Phone: 403.625.4068

Mammography Screening

What: AHS Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic
Where: Claresholm Aquatic Centre – 212 Fairway Drive West
When: April 10 - 20, 2021
How to book: Call 1-800-667-0604 (toll-free)
Cost: None

 Who is eligible for a mammogram?  

Why are mammograms important? Screening mammograms are routine checks used to find early signs of cancer in women who have no apparent breast problems or symptoms. They can find changes in the breast that are too small to be felt by a woman or her doctor. Early detection with mammograms is one of the reasons that most women (90%) are now surviving breast cancer. For more information about the Screen Test program, or to check out the mobile clinic schedule, visit our website


DownloadMobile Mammography Clinic