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The Claresholm Development Office can assist you with interpreting the Land Use Bylaw, acquiring the appropriate permits for building, and taking you through the steps to make sure your new dream home, addition, or renovation is completed appropriately, saving you time, money and frustration as you develop your project. The most up-to-date Land Use Bylaw can be found on the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) website.  ORRSC is our local planning commission. You can also contact our Development Officer for assistance by e-mailing tara@claresholm.ca or by phone at 403.625.3381.

Town of Claresholm PUBLIC GIS ACCESS:

The Town of Claresholm provides a public version (login as Guest) of our Geographic Information System (GIS) for residents to utilize. Residents may access this map and view legal land description’s, addresses and land use zoning. They may also use features such as a measuring tool or aerial photo to gain basic information about parcels and developments.

CLICK HERE to go to the website to access the system.

This page is provided for information only, and it not intended to replace bylaws or legal council.  Please contact the Claresholm Development Officer for the most up-to-date information.

Utility Safety Partners

If you’re a contractor or homeowner planning to disturb the ground, submit a locate request to ensure you don’t come in contact with a dangerous underground utility.

You are not clear to excavate until all utilities have been located. It is the excavator’s responsibility to make sure there is no damage to the located utilities during excavation, and placing a request with Utility Safety Partners does not remove that responsibility.

Utility Safety Partners - Click Before You Dig!

Information Requests

Property Information
Appraisers, realtors, purchasers and other interested parties can find property information in the Town of Claresholm Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw (includes a land use district map). These contain information regarding land use district (zoning) as well as current and future land use planning. 

Please contact the Town of Claresholm Development Officer at 403.625.3381 for specific inquiries or for further assistance.

Areas of inquiry may include permitted and discretionary uses, parcel dimensions, assessed value and to discuss the work-ability of potential development scenarios.

Zoning or Information Request is required if you need written verification of specific property information. A written request that outlines exactly what you are searching for and a fee of $20 must be submitted to the Town of Claresholm.