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Our Town Council is made up of seven elected officials, including the Mayor, and six Councillors. These elected officials provide the guidance and leadership that makes Claresholm what it is. Town Council meets regularly in the Town Council Chambers on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00 pm.  The public is welcome to all Council meetings. If Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be on Tuesday. Only one meeting is held in the months of July and August, chosen and announced during the year. There may only be one meeting in December as well.

Claresholm Town Council is pleased to present an opportunity to come and meet Council in a casual and relaxed setting. 
March 2024 to June 2024, at which time it will be reviewed.
Every 1st Saturday at 2:00 p.m.
Every 3rd Tuesday at 7:00

Town Council

From left to right: Councillors Kieth Carlson, Mike Cutler and Kandice Meister, Mayor Brad Schlossberger, Councillors Diana Ross, Rod Kettles and Craig Zimmer


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In 2019, the Town of Claresholm underwent a Municipal Accountability Program (MAP) Review by Alberta Municipal Affairs. The final report is available below. 


DownloadMAP Review Report

Message From The Mayor

Mayor’s Message

I am very excited to be the Mayor of Claresholm.

I have lived in Claresholm for over 40 years. I was married here, and my three sons were born in Claresholm. They were raised here, went to school here, played sports here. Our family loves Claresholm. Claresholm is a wonderful community to raise your children. My wife and I have always volunteered in many different organizations. We have always felt it was important to give back to the community.

Claresholm has so much to offer. Wonderful schools and teachers. Health care that is unbelievable for a town this size. A thriving volunteer Fire Department. Facilities like our Arena, Curling Rink, Community Centre, Daycare and Play School, Indoor Pool, Golf Course and Tennis Courts. 

Claresholm has so many wonderful active, giving volunteer organizations!! We have several wonderful events and celebrations facilitated by our many wonderful volunteers. Canada Day, Fair Days, Old Fashioned Christmas and Winterfest to name a few. WHERE COMMINUTY TAKES ROOT!! So much to celebrate!

My primary focus will be on actively pursing and attracting new commercial / industrial businesses to Claresholm. We do need to expand our commercial / industrial land base to be able to bring in new businesses. This will be a big job. Housing is another priority. Council and administration is actively working very hard and making progress on this right now. This takes planning and hard work, but we are up for it!!

Lastly I would like to welcome all newcomers to Claresholm. You have chosen a great community to live in. 

Mayor Brad Schlossberger, October 16, 2023

Mayor Brad Schlossberger