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Leadership at Work

Our Town Council is made up of seven elected officials, including the Mayor, and six Councillors. These elected officials provide the guidance and leadership that makes Claresholm what it is. Town Council meets regularly in the Town Council Chambers on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00 pm.  The public is welcome to all Council meetings. If Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be on Tuesday. Only one meeting is held in the months of July and August, chosen and announced during the year. There may only be one meeting in December as well.

Town Council

From left to right: Councillors Kieth Carlson, Mike Cutler and Kandice Meister, Mayor Chelsae Petrovic, Councillors Brad Schlossberger, Rod Kettles and Craig Zimmer


DownloadDeputy Mayor Schedule

In 2019, the Town of Claresholm underwent a Municipal Accountability Program (MAP) Review by Alberta Municipal Affairs. The final report is available below. 


DownloadMAP Review Report

Council Committee Appointments

To contact any of these Committees or Commissions, phone the Town Office at 403.625.3381.
*Updated November 8, 2021*

External Committees:

Alberta SouthWest – Councillor Brad Schlossberger
Chinook Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
- Councillor Rod Kettles
Claresholm & District Chamber of Commerce – Councillor Mike Cutler 
Claresholm & District Transportation Society Board – Councillor Mike Cutler
Claresholm Animal Rescue Society (CAReS) – Councillor Kandice Meister
Claresholm Child Care Society Board – Councillor Rod Kettles
Claresholm Food Bank – Councillor Mike Cutler
Claresholm Housing Authority Board – Councillor Kandice Meister, four members at large
Claresholm Learn-a-lot Playschool Society Board – Councillor Rod Kettles
Claresholm Golf Club Board – Councillor Rod Kettles
Claresholm Public Library Board – Councillor Brad Schlossberger, seven members at large
Community Hall Board – Councillor Brad Schlossberger 
Intermunicipal Development Plan Committee - Mayor Chelsae Petrovic, Councillor Brad Schlossberger, Councillor Mike Cutler (alternate)
Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Committee - Mayor Chelsae Petrovic, Councillor Mike Cutler, Councillor Rod Kettles (alternate)
Joint Economic Development Initiative - Mayor Chelsae Petrovic and Councillor Kieth Carlson
Lethbridge College Community Advisory Council
- Councillor Rod Kettles
Oldman River Regional Services Commission – Councillor Brad Schlossberger, Councillor Rod Kettles (alternate)
Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee
- Councillor Mike Cutler, Mayor Chelsae Petrovic (alternate)
Porcupine Hills Lodge Board – Councillor Kieth Carlson, one member at large  
Regional Landfill Commission – Councillor Brad Schlossberger
Southern Alberta Summer Games Committee – Councillor Mike Cutler
Swimming Pool Joint Use RepresentativeCouncillor Mike Cutler
Welcoming Claresholm Committee
- Councillor Kandice Meister
Willow Creek Agricultural Society Board – Mayor Chelsae Petrovic

Internal Boards & Committees:

Administrative Services Committee – Councillors: Kieth Carlson and Craig Zimmer, CAO 
Audit & Finance Committee – Full Council
Economic Development Committee
- Councillors: Kieth Carlson and Brad Schlossberger, Mayor Chelsae Petrovic (alternate), eight members at large
Emergency Management Advisory Committee
- Mayor Chelsae Petrovic and Councillor Craig Zimmer
Emergency Services Committee – Councillors: Rod Kettles and Craig Zimmer, Claresholm Fire Chief and one firefighter, one representative from the RCMP, Community Peace Officer
Facility & Infrastructure Planning Committee – Full Council, one Member at Large
Family and Community Support Services Board – Councillors: Kieth Carlson and Kandice Meister, four Members at Large
Grievance Committee – Councillors: Kieth Carlson, Mike Cutler and Craig Zimmer 
Municipal Planning Commission – Mayor Chelsae Petrovic, Councillors: Kieth Carlson and Brad Schlossberger, two Members at Large
Claresholm & District Museum Board – Councillor Kandice Meister, six Members at Large
Recreation Facility Users Committee (Arena & Ball Diamonds) – Councillor Rod Kettles, Councillor Craig Zimmer (alternate) 
Wage Negotiating Committee – Mayor Chelsae Petrovic, Councillors: Mike Cutler, Kandice Meister and Craig Zimmer