Information for
Businesses in the Claresholm Area

How can my business participate?

Employers in Claresholm and within 25 kilometers of Claresholm can now recruit full-time permanent labour from anywhere in the world, using the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot program. For more information on how to participate please contact the Economic Development Officer directly at the Town office in Claresholm. 

What is the process?

Applicants who meet the Federal Eligibility Criteria will have to obtain a full-time job offer from a local employer, before they can apply for a recommendation from the Claresholm Economic Development Committee. The Town of Claresholm RNIP Portal is now live, and jobs will be posted starting February 21, 2020. 
Claresholm. View RNIP Process Map

Claresholm RNIP Employment Portal IRCC Eligibility Criteria