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The Town of Claresholm has a diverse selection of housing styles and prices. The affordability of life in Claresholm makes the community a very attractive choice for young families and early retirees alike.  

For rates of private utility providers, please contact the businesses directly.  Contact information can be found in our Business Directory

The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) office is a branch of Service Alberta and has a mandate to educate, advocate, and mediate for Alberta’s residential, farm, and small business electricity and natural gas consumers.

Visit ucahelps.alberta.ca to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.

Tax & Assessment

Property taxes are due each year by June 30, or the last business day of June, unless you are enrolled in the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPPs). The TIPPs program allows you to pay your taxes in instalments throughout the year from January to December (the 3rd of the month by direct deposit). Payments from January to May are based on your taxes from the prior year and payments from June to December are adjusted to fully pay the balance of your taxes by your December payment.

Property taxes are the primary source of municipal income to support Town administration and services. Property tax rates are set each year as part of the annual budget and are set as a “Mill Rate” which is used to calculate your annual taxes as per the formula below. Also generally included with your regular municipal property taxes are the Alberta School Foundation Fund taxes (ASFF or Education Taxes) and Home For Aged (HFA – Porcupine Hills Lodge Requisition) which are not set by the municipality, but requisitioned from the province and lodge. The exact distribution of these requisitioned taxes across property types (residential, vacant land, non-residential) are set by the Municipality.

Municipal taxes are based on property assessment market value as at July 1st of the previous year (the assessment year) and based on the condition of the property as at December 31 of the assessment year. The Town contracts Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. to complete the property assessments. Click the link below to access summary assessment reports for any property in Claresholm. Properties can be searched by roll number, legal description, or civic address. Instructions are:

  1. Click HERE
  2. Agree to Terms of use
  3. Select Municipality "Claresholm Town"
  4. Select Type of Access "General Public"
  5. Search for Property by Roll, Legal Address, or Civic Address (can be incomplete, i.e. 2nd Street, and all properties containing 2nd Street in address will be listed)
  6. Select to View or Download desired report

Alternatively there is a listing below of Claresholm property assessment values listed by street address for the last two years. 


Download2020 Assessment for 2021 Taxes


Download2019 Assessment for 2020 Taxes

For more information on how your property is assessed, or if you wish to appeal your property assessment, please contact our Taxation Administrator (here) or Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. at 403.381.1596 or Toll Free at 1.800.633.9012.

How to calculate property taxes:  Municipal Mill Rate + ASFF Mill Rate + HFA Mill Rate = Total Mill Rate  Assessed Property Value x Total Mill Rate/1000 = Total Taxes Owed

To view the current Mill Rate Bylaw, Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPPs) Bylaw, or Taxes Penalty Bylaw, view the Bylaws Page (here).


DownloadFiling an Assessment Complaint

Please find other important forms for our TIPPs (Tax Installment Payment Plan) program, forms for requesting tax information or certificates, or for appeals on property assessment, below.

School Taxes

Information pertaining to school taxes may be obtained by calling the Government Education Property Tax Line toll free at 310-0000, then dial (780) 422-7125, or see the Education Property Tax brochure below.


DownloadEducation Property Tax

Where do my property tax dollars go?

Tax Info 2022

DownloadTax Info 2022

Commonly Asked Questions:

When are my property taxes due?

o   Taxes are due in full by June 30 of each year or the last business day of June. This does not apply to Tax Instalment Payment Plan participants who are paying monthly.

How can I pay my property taxes?

o   Cash, cheque, debit, online banking, or etransfer. 

What is the penalty if my property taxes are not paid on time?

o   A 14% penalty will be applied on current year outstanding amounts on July 1st and a further 14% applies to all outstanding balances on January 1st of each year.

Is there a program by which to pay my property taxes in instalments?

o   Yes, the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP). This plan allows you to pay your taxes in 12 monthly instalments from January to December. Payments are adjusted in January and June of each year according to the tax notice and amount owing. New sign-ups are only allowed prior to December 18th for the next year. Payment is by direct debit only on the 3rd of each month. Your tax account must have a zero balance on sign up to qualify for this program.

How are my property taxes calculated?

o   Taxes are based on your property’s assessment (calculated by the Town’s Assessor) and the mill rate (set by bylaw passed by Town Council).

How is my assessment calculated?

o   The Town of Claresholm has a contractor calculate all assessments following rules set out by Alberta Municipal Affairs. Please remember that your property assessment is a reflection of market values with a valuation date of July 1st of the assessment year and a condition date of December 31st of the assessment year. The current assessment year is the basis for the following year's property taxes.

How do I acquire tax and assessment information and Tax Certificates?

o   Please complete a request form (here), scan and e-mail or fax to 403.625.3869 along with proof of payment, and send your payment to the Town of Claresholm.

How is my Education Property Tax calculated, and where does it go?

o   The Education Property Tax is set by the Provincial Government by requisition. It is collected by the Town of Claresholm across all Town properties and forwarded on to the Government of Alberta.