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Alberta boasts one of the most competitive tax environments in North America. There are no capital or payroll taxes in the province. The only sales tax in Claresholm is the Federal GST (5%), as no provincial sales taxes are levied in Alberta.

The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) office is a branch of Service Alberta and has a mandate to educate, advocate, and mediate for Alberta’s residential, farm, and small business electricity and natural gas consumers.

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Commercial Utilities & Services


Non-residential water rates are based on service connection pipe size and consumption. Included with the base monthly charge is a basic cubic meters consumption which are allotted without charge. 

Service Pipe Size

Basic Cubic Meters

Basic Monthly Rate

Under 1”





















Consumption amounts beyond the basic amount are charged as per the following table, based on total consumption (e.g. a 3 inch line receives 568.18 cubic meters without charge, but the next cubic meter is charged at an overage rate of $0.42 per cubic meter.

Consumption in Cubic Meters

Cost per Additional Cubic Meter

22.73 to 136.37


136.37 to 250.01


250.01 to 363.65


363.65 to 477.29


477.29 to 590.93


590.93 to 704.57


704.57 to 818.21


818.21 to 931.85


931.85 to 1,045.49


1,045.49 to 1,159.13


Over 1,159.13



Sewer utility rates are based on metered water consumption. Base rate for non-residential sewer utility is $13.55 per month, which includes 22.73 cubic meters of consumption. Rates per the bylaw are stated in gallons of consumption. This table has been converted to cubic meters of consumption for simplicity, however this may result in slight rounding errors.

Consumption in Cubic Meters

Cost per Additional Cubic Meter

22.73 to 45.46


45.46 to 68.19


68.19 to 90.92


90.92 to 113.65


113.65 to 136.38


136.38 to 159.11


159.11 to 181.84


181.84 to 204.57


204.57 to 227.30


227.30 to 250.03


Over 250.03



Three (3) cubic yard garbage container rental

$40.00 per month

One pick-up per week

$28.50 per month

Each additional pick-up per week

$28.50 per month per additional pick-up

If you require a temporary rental or unscheduled additional pick-ups, please contact our Utilities Clerk.


The Town of Claresholm has a recycling program for commercial customers. Depending on the needs of the property, either a large yellow bin is provided or a blue bin that can be wheeled to the collection area for pickup. Pickups of either type of bin are every two weeks as per the set schedule. Please contact the Town Office for more information. 

Payment & Billing Methods:

Non-residential utilities are billed on a monthly bases and are due at the end of the following month. Utility invoices are mailed out a few days prior to the end of the month. To receive your utility bills via email, rather than regular mail, fill out the application form below and send to the Town Office.


DownloadE-bill Utility Service Agreement

Payments can be made via cash, cheque, money order, or debit at the Town Office or can be paid through your financial institution. Alternatively you can sign up for our Commercial Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan (UPP). If signed up for UPPs the withdrawal from your bank will take place on the 25th day of the month (or following business day) following your bill. To sign up for UPPs fill out the application below and send to the Town Office.


DownloadUPPs Agreement - Non-Residential


DownloadEFT Authorization Form

The completed forms can be mailed, dropped off or e-mailed to Town Office.

Payments can also now be made by credit card through Paytm Canada. This is a 3rd party payment processing service that will take credit card payments and forward the payments to the Town. A convenience fee will be applied by Paytm Canada to payments made through this service. (All payments must be received by the Town of Claresholm before the due date to avoid penalty and interest charges, so ensure payments are made early enough for the service provider to processes the payment). To use this service click here.